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Cape Fear Dahlias - Wilmington, NC

Karma Choc Dahlia

Karma Choc Dahlia

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Karma Choc dahlia stands out with its rich, velvety maroon petals that almost appear black. This dahlia was specifically bred for the cut flower industry, as are all Karma Dahlias. Perfect for creating dramatic accents in gardens and arrangements, this variety is as indulgent as its name suggests. Flowering may stall in the extreme summer heat in Zones 8-10, but will resume in the fall. US Patent is active so no propagation by cuttings, tubers only until patent expires in September 2026.

  • Color: Deep maroon to almost black
  • Bloom Size: 4 inches in diameter
  • Bloom Form: Waterlily
  • Plant Height: 3.5 feet
  • Suitable for Containers: Yes, minimum 12” diameter
  • Heat Tolerant: Yes, but flowering may stall in extreme summer heat without misting or some shade when temps are above 90°
  • Staking: Not usually required unless planted in a very windy location
  • Special Features: Dark, dramatic blooms; great for cutting
  • Patent Status: Active, anticipated to expire September 20, 2026
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