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Cape Fear Dahlias - Wilmington, NC

Kidd's Climax Dahlia

Kidd's Climax Dahlia

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Kidd's Climax dahlia has delightful blooms, featuring an alluring mix of deep pink and soft lilac petals that morph to peachy yellow in the center. This variety's grand flowers make it a garden centerpiece and a dream for larger design work. A very three-dimensional flower with great depth and complexity. Surprisingly heat tolerant on our Zone 8 farm where temperatures regularly reach 95° in the summer.

Kidd's Climax Dahlia Details

  • Color: Deep pink and soft lilac with a peachy yellow center
  • Bloom Size: Up to 10 inches in diameter
  • Bloom Form: Formal Decorative
  • Plant Height: 4-5 feet
  • Suitable for Containers: Yes, the larger the better but not less than 14” diameter
  • Heat Tolerant: Yes, but appreciates a little mist when temps are above 90°
  • Staking: Yes, especially important in windy areas
  • Pinch: After first 3 sets of leaves, do not pinch for exhibition blooms
  • Special Features: Ideal for cutting, exhibition, landscaping and garden focal points
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