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Cape Fear Dahlias - Wilmington, NC

Blondee Dahlia

Blondee Dahlia

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The Blondee dahlia features a stunning shade of lemon chiffon that stands out not only for its striking color but also for its sturdy stems and long-lasting blooms. This is a wonder garden dinnerplate dahlia that takes the show in both flower beds and centerpieces. Blondee embraces the beauty of nature with its radiant soft yellow flowers that effortlessly combines sophistication with natural allure. Beautiful in the landscape or a container, but it does not make a good cut flower.

Blondee Dahlia Details

  • Color: Medium yellow to the softest lemon chiffon
  • Bloom Size: 8-10 inches in diameter
  • Bloom Form: Informal Decorative
  • Plant Height: 3.5 feet
  • Suitable for Containers: Yes, minimum 14” diameter, 3 gallon or larger
  • Heat Tolerant: Yes, does well on our Zone 8 farm
  • Staking: Not usually required unless planted in a very windy location
  • Special Features: Romantic blooms, compact grower, great garden variety
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